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Raw Cashew Nut

We are a prominent supplier of raw cashew nuts in Ivory Coast, and this serves as our primary export product. In addition to our operations in Ivory Coast during the peak harvest season, we collaborate with suppliers in Benin, Guinea-Bissau, Ghana, and Tanzania to ensure that we deliver the highest quality cashew nuts, tailored to the specific season's requirements. We are capable of providing up to outturn '53'

For new customers, we are willing to export small quantities of raw cashew nuts as a trial shipment. Additionally, we facilitate third-party lab tests, such as those conducted by Cafecontrol, Vinacontrol Vietnam, and RBS India, to ensure rigorous quality, moisture, and weight checks.

Our sales orders for raw cashew nuts are available on both FOB (Free On Board) and CNF (Cost & Freight) terms. Furthermore, we provide the option of direct sales from our Bonded Warehouse in Vietnam.

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Cashew Kernels (or Processed Cashews)

As a leading supplier of raw cashew nuts, we are uniquely positioned to collaborate with dependable and committed factories in both Africa and Asia, including Vietnam, India, and Brazil. These factories serve as our trusted partners, enabling us to access the highest caliber of cashew kernels available in the market. Our distribution network extends to the United Kingdom, the European Union, and the United States.

Typically, our sales transactions are conducted on both FOB (Free On Board) and CNF (Cost and Freight) terms. Furthermore, we proudly maintain membership with the International Nut Congress (INC).

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Arabic Gum

We provide premium Arabic Gum varieties such as Hashab, Acacia Senegal, and Talha sourced from Mali, Burkina Faso, Senegal, and Niger to our clients in China, Germany, France, among others. Our products have successfully met the stringent quality standards set by reputable European buyers, as confirmed through comprehensive laboratory testing.

Our trading terms for sales orders includes both FOB (Free On Board) and CNF (Cost and Freight) arrangements.

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We supply semi-husked coconuts from Ivory Coast in West Africa, a region renowned for producing the finest organic coconuts that are hardly available elsewhere in the world. We maintain a consistent weekly supply to our European clientele. Currently, Galaxy Commercial ranks among the top 5 suppliers of coconuts from West Africa.

The prevailing Incoterm for our sales orders typically adheres to the FOB (Free On Board) arrangement.

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Cocoa Beans

With our presence in Ivory Coast, one of the top global producer of cocoa beans, we have direct access to key suppliers throughout the Country & the rest of West Africa. This allow us to deliver the requisite quality and quantity of cocoa beans you may require.

For orders, we accept both FOB (Free On Board) and CNF (Cost and Freight) terms.

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Our cotton offerings, specifically Cotton Lint Well Ginned Raw Cotton processed through Roller Gin technology, are carefully sourced from West African countries, including Benin, Burkina Faso, Mali, and Ivory Coast. These regions are known for their production of high-quality cotton, which are in high demand from cotton mills in Vietnam and China.

Our standard sales terms includes both FOB (Free On Board) and CNF (Cost and Freight) options.

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Sesame Seed

We supply sesame seeds originating from West Africa, with a specific focus on sourcing from Mali, Burkina Faso, and Chad. These African nations are recognized for their production of exceptionally high-quality sesame seeds, characterized by predominantly organic and superior attributes.

Our standard practice involves sales orders based on the FOB (Free On Board) or CNF (Cost and Freight) terms.

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Our mangoes, including Kent, Amelie, and Keitt varieties, are sourced from Cote d'Ivoire ( Ivory Coast). They are organic and boast exceptional quality. If required, we are able to provide additional certifications such as Fair Trade and ISO. Notably, our advantageous transit time to Europe, ranging from 7 to 10 days, provides an ideal choice for our buyers in European Union.

Our sales terms can be customised for our customers’ request, including both FOB (Free On Board) and CNF (Cost and Freight) options.

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